Sky and ministries promote the values ​​of sport in schools

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Promote the values ​​of sport in schools. This year, this is the objective of Sky Up The Edit, the project created to promote digital inclusion in schools and to stimulate students to reflect on issues fundamental to their education. To promote and support this project, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Education and Merit, the Minister for Sport and Youth and Sky Italia.

Thanks to this agreement, the ministries will be alongside Sky Italia in the conception, promotion and communication of meetings and workshops in secondary schools, designed to stimulate students’ digital skills and raise their awareness of important values ​​for their personal growth, embodied by healthy sporting competition, such as team play, respect and collaboration. «We strongly believe in the importance of sport and in the values ​​that it helps to spread and affirm – says the Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara -. Through practicing sports, young people learn respect for the rules, the spirit of sacrifice, the principle of loyalty, the culture of inclusion. Sport is also a social barrier to school dropout: thanks to it, many children from disadvantaged social backgrounds have the opportunity to embark on a positive life path. This memorandum of understanding marks a further step forward, starting from schools, in the promotion of fundamental ethical values ​​for correct civil life, also thanks to the help of new digital technologies”.

While Andrea Abodi, Minister for Sport and Youth, for his part underlines: «I thank my colleague Valditara and the CEO of Sky Andrea Duilio for the team work that led to the signing of the protocol for the promotion of the values ​​of sport and digital equity through Sky Up The Edit. The reason why sport must also make a contribution with a view to the promotion and adoption of digital is because I believe that, from an educational point of view, it helps to reach people more quickly, in particular female and male students. secondary schools, thus promoting digital inclusion by providing them with the tools necessary for inclusion in an increasingly digitalized context. Digital is often thought of as something not very concrete, but working on intangible infrastructures is a decisive factor for collective growth.”

Sky Up The Edit, which is part of the “Sky Up” Group program, was born with the aim of combating the digital divide in our communities: from 2022, it accompanies students on a path of growth and education which, starting from creating original audiovisual journalistic content, enhances their talent, educating them on inclusiveness, respect and the ability to work in a team, principles that have always been central to Sky’s narrative. The project provides a dedicated portal, with original Sky Sport titles, to offer teachers and classes involved useful ideas for discussion. «We are really proud to be able to count on the support of the Ministry of Education and the Minister for Sport in our commitment to promote inclusion, digital skills and the values ​​of sport among the youngest – says the CEO of Sky Italia Andrea Duilio –. In fact, it is essential to form a common front to concretely support the young generations and strengthen those principles and knowledge necessary to face the challenges of tomorrow.”

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