Sirolo adopts the eco-sustainable urban planning variant

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On the one hand the need to take into account the population and growing businesses for which it is necessary to build, on the other that of adapting to the severe variations of the Conero Park, a natural paradise overlooking the Adriatic Sea. In Sirolo, a municipality completely inserted in the protected area, 4 thousand inhabitants who become 18 thousand in the summer (53% are second homes, ed.), have adopted a general eco-sustainable variant to the PRG, created by the architect Sergio Agostinelli: instead of increase the available volumes, it was decided to drastically reduce the cubic meters to be built (-20% for subdivisions and -60% of the warehouses in the former artisan area if they are transformed into homes) and to return the volume bonus (+7% ) granted by the Conero Park, which will never be usable again by anyone. Finally, once the pre-established building limit has been reached, nothing more can be built. Mayor Filippo Moschella, the first supporter of this green revolution, explains: «All the reductions were adopted to allow the construction of quality buildings and only what the community needs will be built». A cut which, at the same time, will increase the value of existing properties.

Sirolo’s new idea also involves almost 300 tourist accommodation facilities, including around 200 holiday homes, which will be able to increase their size by up to 20%, «only where possible and exclusively to create or expand the services offered to tourists» .

At the same time, Moschella has implemented a plan to simplify urban planning procedures: for the first time, over 60 implementation plans have been created, indicating the square meters that can be built in each lot, «to allow the immediate release of building permits, avoiding losses of time and money.”

What is being created in one of the most iconic villages of the Park is also a place of gentle and sustainable mobility, with cycle and pedestrian paths, partly shared only with local vehicular traffic in areas where the speed has been reduced to 30 km/h. , and green river corridors between Monte Conero and the sea. «This green turning point was appreciated by the Syroleans – concludes Moschella -, because it will allow them to continue to live in a healthy, safe and resilient environment, perfectly integrated into the Park and within which nature will be totally preserved. A necessary choice also to attract quality eco-sustainable tourism and support the entire local economy.”

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