Sicily launches incentives for new hires: 50 million per year

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For the definitive green light we will have to wait until January 8th but now the overall framework of the Stability Law of the Sicilian Region is all there and the Regional Assembly is ready to close the game. A record: it hadn’t happened for at least twenty years.

Before closing for the holidays at the beginning of the year, the deputies also dismissed some articles considered strategic and which found the convergence of the majority and the opposition. One of these is the article that allocates funds for permanent hiring in Sicily which can be applied once the green light has been received from the European Commission.

What the law requires

The law provides for an allocation of 50 million euros for each of the years from 2024 to 2026 and contributions to employers of up to 30 thousand euros over the three-year period to support the cost of new hires. A contribution that could reach 40 thousand euros for permanent hires involving women, those unemployed for at least 24 months coming from abroad and workers over the age of 50, as well as individuals aged 18 and over who do not have the requirements for benefiting from the inclusion allowance. The law provides that the contribution is also paid to companies created in 2024 but pays attention to companies and professionals who hire staff from companies in a state of crisis or insolvency in the years 2021, 2022 and 2023 or located in areas of complex industrial crisis. «The aforementioned contribution is also granted for the permanent hiring of workers made redundant due to staff reductions by companies in a state of crisis in the previous six months or employed in company branches subject to transfer by the same companies». The law then provides that the contribution is revoked from those companies that in the meantime decide to relocate and abandon Sicily.

The satisfaction of the President of the Region

A positive opinion on the work of the Assembly comes from the President of the Region Renato Schifani and from the Councilor for Economy Marco Falcone. «The 2024 regional stability law is now substantially closed, thanks to the approval of most of the articles that compose it and with the confirmation of the political-economic approach given by the regional government to the bill – says the president of the Region – . An approach that continues to create all those conditions for new investments on the island already put in place since the start of the legislature. And the first results are visible, as Unioncamere Sicilia states: in one year there were 34 thousand new companies on the island, with 15 thousand new employees. Data that goes hand in hand with those released a few weeks ago by the CGIA of Mestre on the 2023 GDP. The island has not only started to grow again, recovering the gap accumulated during the Covid era, but has taken the lead by recording an increase equal to at +1.12%, with a productivity rate far higher than that of some nations, such as Germany and France, which have always been the locomotives of Europe”.

The Councilor for Economy: four pillars for development

For Falcone, «The four pillars that we had put in place are already a reality. First of all, the initiatives to support the Municipalities, with the increase in resources available to local administrations, the elimination of the historical precariousness of the Region, incentives for work and new hiring, the guarantee of services for Sicilians. Furthermore, a page of history is written both with regards to the stabilization of Asu workers employed in the cultural heritage sector and in municipalities, a commitment maintained by finding the necessary resources, and for the increase in working days for firefighting operators, which went from 78 to 101. Among the most relevant measures, the ARS also voted for the allocation of 50 million euros to guarantee, in the three-year period 2024-26, 30 thousand euros of contributions to companies that hire permanent contracts or transform temporary contracts determined. Finally, there is an important push on tax relief in favor of citizens, with discounts on car tax, with consequences also in the fight against tax evasion. The commitment to making the Region the protagonist of Sicily’s economic growth in the coming months is therefore confirmed.”

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