Siad and A2A team up for the production of renewable energy

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Siad continues on its sustainability journey with a new alliance with A2A. The industrial and medical gases company has a strong orientation towards sustainable development and for this reason it has decided to sign an agreement with the energy group, called Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to create a new step.

The agreement provides for Siad to purchase renewable energy produced by a photovoltaic system built by A2A: this is a new installation capable of generating 15,000 MWh of green energy per year, equal to the consumption of approximately 5,500 families, which will allow us to avoid the ’emission of approximately 7,000 tonnes of CO2eq/year.

The chemical group closed 2022 with a turnover of more than one billion euros, 70 thousand customers and 2,177 employees worldwide. Over the years it has worked on the continuous improvement of its production processes and on the growing use of renewable energy sources. One of the activities in which it is most recognized is certainly the capture and reuse of CO2, where Siad has developed very diversified technological skills. Always in support of the energy transition, the company has created many innovations and developed skills also in the hydrogen supply chain.

A2A, however, with this agreement continues to implement its strategy of supporting sustainable development in the country and creating value together with its partners, making medium-long term offers and solutions available to concretely support companies on the path towards decarbonisation.

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