Ship orders for 20 billion in Italy in the next five years

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Over the next five years, cruise companies globally will spend 34 billion euros for the launch of 55 new ships (121 thousand beds). Of the 55 new ships, 52 will be built in Europe: 33.1 billion euros and 116 thousand beds. And 25 cruise ships, i.e. approximately half of the 52 European ones, will be built in Italy, for a total value, over the next five years, of almost 20 billion: approximately 4 per year.

This was explained by Pierfrancesco Vago, chairman of Clia Europe (as well as executive chairman of MSC Crociere) on the inauguration day of Clia Cruise Week, the European cruise week, organized in Genoa by Cruise lines international, together with the Ligurian and Genoese institutions.

Bringing together the main global companies

The event, which takes place at the Jean Nouvel Pavilion of the Genoa Fair and will last until 14 March 2024, is an unprecedented large cruise fair where, for the first time, Italian and foreign ministers, the CEOs of all the main cruise companies, international authorities, industry and shipbuilding stakeholders and hundreds of suppliers.

Over 2 thousand participants, 150 speakers, 120 stands, 180 exhibiting companies, 220 managers of cruise companies, including 80 buyers, are the numbers of the event. «We wanted to make – underlined Vago – a big bet on Genoa and on Italy, bringing together here, for the first time in Europe, the numerous souls of the entire cruise sector. It seems to me that the challenge has been won, due to the quantity and quality of attendance.”

From cruises turnover of 15.6 billion in Italy

Vago then recalled that «the cruise industry generates an economic impact of 56.4 billion in Europe every year. And Italy is the country that benefits the most from the sector. The turnover is approximately 15.6 billion euros, much higher than that of Germany (9.3 billion) and France (7.7 billion). There are more than 100 thousand jobs. Furthermore, the construction of a cruise ship has an impact on the economy of the building country equal to 4.5 times the cost of the ship. In total, between now and 2028, we can therefore estimate an impact of around 80 billion.”

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