Seven out of 10 businesses have a website (but only 20% sell online)

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In Italy, 72.5% of companies have their own website while only 18.9% use it to sell their products or services. This is the picture that emerges from an analysis by InfoCert, a company of the Tinexta group, leader in Europe in certified digital authentication services. The observation, based on Istat data (2021–2022), finds that Trentino Alto Adige is the region with the highest percentage of companies with a website: 84.6%. Followed by Veneto (83.3%), Umbria (82.4%) and Lombardy (82.1%). Calabria, however, is in last place (55.3%) preceded by Puglia (56.9%) and Sardinia (58.2%).

If we relate this indicator to the companies that sell their products or services online, Trentino is always in first place but only with 25.9% of local companies that use e-commerce. In second place is Sicily (23.3%), in third place Sardinia (22.4%). In the last three positions we find Tuscany (14.4%), Calabria (13.3%) and Liguria (10.1%).

Infocert also observed the spread of fast Internet connections (above 100Mb/s) among businesses across the country and, surprisingly, Sicily (56.4%) is well above the national average (44.4% ) establishing the Italian record. In second place we find Campania (55.8%) followed by Lazio (54.5%) and Lombardy (51%). With three out of 10 companies (31%) equipped with a fast Internet connection, the Marche closes the ranking.

«We know well – comments Carmine Auletta, chief strategy & Innovation Officer of InfoCert – that the pandemic has given a decisive boost to the level of digitalisation of Italian companies. More and more companies have decided to digitize transactions, especially in relations with the PA, making them more efficient, effective and faster. Infocert and the Tinexta Group place themselves, in this context, at the forefront of this process, studying tailor-made solutions for businesses, professionals and private individuals that can combine ease of use, safeguarding levels of security and compliance with adequate regulations”.

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