Serie A: the championship remains with 20 teams. Format unchanged

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The Lega Serie A assembly confirms the current 20-team format Serie A championship. This is the most significant aspect of the meeting held today, 12 February, following last week’s meeting in which the leaders of Inter, Juventus and Milan met with the FIGC president Gabriele Gravina, to propose a reduction in the staff of 18 teams. During the meeting, the Lega Serie A also approved its own policy document containing the proposals for the reform of Italian football. «During the same meeting, the absolute need to maintain the right of agreement in the federal statute, as in the main European football systems, was reiterated», the final note of the meeting specified from this perspective.

Right of agreement not to be abolished

«In the meeting the atmosphere was cordial and without high tone, but what they wanted to do seemed like a Superleghina. The other was the Superlega, this is the Superleghina”, commented the president of Torino, Urbano Cairo, after the meeting. «The assembly today confirmed with an overwhelming majority the desire to maintain the format of 20 – continued Cairo -. Also because if you look at the most important leagues in Europe, the English and the Spanish ones, they have 20 teams. It’s not a split, they had the wrong attitude, like the rest of the Assembly, I think it’s right that there is mutual respect, in this case I’m sorry to say it was missing, because I have a good relationship with everyone.” On Beppe Marotta’s position as federal councillor, Cairo specified: «Today it was not discussed, whoever represents Serie A in the federal council must represent everyone’s rights and not go there in a personal capacity. It was a civil climate without high tones, there was a positive discussion.”

La Barba al Palo – The championship isn’t over yet

The Serie B alarm

Meanwhile, the Serie B League is raising the alarm about the possible negative consequences of the new Champions League and the new Club World Cup on the national championships: of possible “devastating” effects in the absence of “a correct redistribution of resources”. Mauro Balata, president of B, spoke about it on ‘La politica nel calcio’ on Gr-Rai Parliament. «The position of the Lega Serie B on the reforms necessary for the system to modernize and be enhanced has been known for some time – said Balata -, since 2021 it has unanimously approved, both in the council and in the Assembly, the reform plan of the then championships transmitted to all members by the FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina. Today we are waiting to know the contents of the new reform plan being drawn up by the FIGC and only after knowing it will we express our opinion, given that the Lega B has already sent its own document to the FIGC and all the components. A whole series of reform initiatives have been developed there in a structural way which in our opinion could improve and modernize the entire Italian football system.”

The number 1 of the Serie B League then wanted to «underline a theme, in my opinion, that has priority over that of reforms and concerns the imminent start of the super new international competitions, the expanded Champions League and the Club World Cup. Here, it is necessary to note how the relationship between these mega competitions and national championships can generate negative effects for the latter. It is clear that in the absence of a correct redistribution of resources, also in application of the solidarity principle contained in the founding principles of European sports law and referred to in the recent decision of the European Court of Justice on the Super League case, negative, even devastating, effects can be generated with respect to the wealth generated within the national championships. This could have repercussions in terms of investment, tax revenue and investment also in the social dimensions that football develops.”

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