Scala, Sala: “We are working on some solutions”

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(LaPresse) Beppe Sala answers questions on the appointment of the next Artistic Director of the Teatro alla Scala, on the sidelines of the presentation of the initiatives in Milan for Remembrance Day. “We have been working on La Scala for a long time, let’s say that I am not afraid in the sense that La Scala is based on the collaboration and support of many bodies, including the Government”, says the mayor. “But it is clear that the role of private it is already a guarantee, because it is clear that those who do, those who manage a private area do not want conditioning in the choice of those who also manage, among other things, their own budget and that of local authorities” explains the mayor. “So a solution is not we have yet defined it but we are working on some solutions, thinking we can work with great autonomy and then I also understand the observation ‘first it was up to the others’, perhaps when it was up to the others i.e. us we had a little more modesty”, he concludes Room.

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