Sardinia’s 2023 budget rejected by the government

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From construction to urban planning, through healthcare and local authorities. Sardinia’s 2023 Budget was rejected by the Government. According to the Council of Ministers, which challenged 19 articles of the 2023 Budget, the boundaries of competence between the State and the Region in seven matters have been exceeded. These are environment and landscape, civil order, public order and safety, production, transport and distribution of energy, healthcare, public finance, and administrative structure of the territory.

Illegitimate expropriations for renewable plants

What the executive summarizes as a “constant invasion of the field with respect to the boundaries drawn in the Constitution”. Specifically, the articles that concern civic uses and expropriations of land for the construction of renewable energy plants were judged illegitimate. The rules on the recovery and reuse of attics, pilotage floors and basements and those on exemptions for removable structures of accommodation facilities were also rejected.

In terms of urban planning, the articles on modifications for disabled people, demolition and reconstruction were also cancelled. As well as the “rules on bioclimatic pergolas and on the development of properties in the fishing village of Marceddì”.

Satisfaction from environmentalists

The environmentalist associations expressed satisfaction with the rejection of the text attached to the Budget. «We were the first to move and raise the problems and critical issues of an urban planning nature and the need for coastal protection – says Stefano Deliperi, president of the Legal Intervention Group – it is no coincidence that we accompanied the appeal with 40 thousand signatures» .

Controversy also occurred in the Regional Council and in Parliament. «The improvisation of the Solinas council emerges clearly also in this matter – comments Silvio Lai, PD deputy and vice president of the parliamentary commission for combating the disadvantages deriving from insularity -. Rules that are evidently in conflict with national laws and others that could have been the subject of prior discussion with the Government are being challenged. Regarding urban planning regulations, a repeated attempt emerges to apply regulations that have been repeatedly rejected which can be explained by the tendency towards improvisation or by the attempt to shift the responsibility of saying no to interlocutors who request them in Sardinia onto the Government”.

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