Sardinia, energy and environment are the priorities

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The 605 million operational plan for the ports of Sardinia is underway. After the green light from the management committee, the relaunch phase now begins with investments that include a series of interventions ranging from the creation of spaces for LNG bunkering to the electrification of the sites and docks. The entire system of the new three-year operational plan revolves around four points: trust, unity, energy, long-range (Fuel). “Propellant” concepts which, as underlined to the Adsp, «will give the impetus to the governance action outlined and implemented in the previous plan based, instead, on eco-sustainability, work, innovation, sharing, accessibility (Elica)».

«Compared to the previous ones, the three-year operational plan is burdened with a more complex and delicate task – explains Massimo Deiana, President of the AdSP of the Sea of ​​Sardinia -. We are entering a crucial three-year period, in which the works financed by the Pnrr will have to be completed, the planning processes of the Dpss completed and the planning tools of the Prps of each of the eight airports that make up the system defined”. The president underlines that on the horizon we also have to deal with the «turbulent dynamics of the international maritime transport scenario, which has never been undermined by the instability of traditional routes to and from the Mediterranean, and to adapt to the recent regulations regarding the reduction of environmental impact, with efficient ports and in step with new technologies, including cold-ironing on the entire Sardinia system, necessary to reduce emissions from parked ships”. As regards trust, the objective of the next three years is to “increase the involvement of users in the governance of ports”. Then Unity, a founding principle necessarily reiterated and strengthened in the Pot of the AdSP of the Sea of ​​Sardinia, the only Italian reality in terms of extension, number of ports administered and, not a secondary aspect, the regional dimension of the control room. Key point on which, for the three-year period 24-26, the organization will focus the harmonization of its action”. Space for the energy issue which sees the AdSp introduce the electrification of the docks in all its ports to power the naval units at mooring. Last but not least, the Long-Range, «key concept that places the governance action of the AdSP of the Sardinian Sea in a long-distance perspective, both in the internal organization and in the planning and infrastructure work in progress or even to be implemented.”

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