San Donato Stadium, the ‘no’ committee asks the Municipality for a referendum

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(LaPresse) A referendum to give a voice to the citizens of San Donato Milanese and make them express their opinion on the hypothesis of building the AC Milan stadium on the territory of the small municipality on the outskirts of Milan. This is the proposal that the ‘No Stadium’ committee officially deposited in the town hall, thus starting the referendum process. “San Donato has 32 thousand inhabitants and the stadium that is planned to be built would have 70 thousand seats, but that is not the only issue because with the stadium would come problems and critical issues regarding traffic, public order and environmental pollution , both landscape”, explains Innocente Curci, one of the representatives of the movement: “With the consultative referendum all citizens would have the opportunity to express their opinion on the work”. A judgment which, however, would not be binding on the municipality given the very nature of the referendum. “The impact for the administration would still be strong because the City Council would then have to deliberate and decide whether or not to comply with the results of the consultation. If the numbers were to be high, the impact of moral suasion would be strong and the municipal administration, in my opinion, could not go against the will of the citizens”, clarifies the lawyer Ilaria Battistini, legal consultant of the ‘no stadium’. A further basis for the appellants could be represented by the fact that the possibility of building a stadium was not present in the electoral program of the current mayor: “Probably if the citizens had known about it, the outcome of the administrative elections would have gone differently”, the lawyer claims. “A mayor who changes his mind cannot be contested, however, the fact that he decides on a variant to the ‘territorial government plan’, if it has a detrimental effect, absolutely yes, and today we already have the resolution of January 24th number 15 with the attached document accompanying technician and the related analysis, which can be challenged,” he concluded.

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