Repower Charging Net: the charging service that transforms electric mobility into a business

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Born at the dawn of the liberalization of the energy market, in 2002, Repower Italia is today the market leader and supplies energy and gas to small and medium-sized businesses. A pioneer in its commitment to the field of sustainable mobility and currently attentive to the issue of energy transition, Repower has recently launched Repower Charging Net. The project allows you to do business through electric mobility, allowing companies and accommodation facilities to earn from the supply of charging for electric cars.

Repower Charging Netseen up close
Repower Charging Net it is a charging network which, thanks to the use of smart charging tools, allows us to offer a new service to customers and non-customers and receive income from it. But not only! The new Repower network restores visibility to participating structures through Recharge Around, the app that reports all active charging points in the area and Intercharge, the main roaming platform for charging electric vehicles. And still on the subject of visibility, Repower Charging Net includes a kit of communication tools with which to personalize your space and make it visible from the outside and a digital kit with content that can be used on multiple channels.
Installation consultancy, technical assistance and emergency assistance are guaranteed by Repower as is green energy. All the kWh supplied are in fact covered by Guarantees of Origin, certificates issued by the Energy Services Manager (GSE) which certify the contribution to the development of renewable sources. And the charging tools are offered on loan for use.

Electric mobility, a new paradigm
Repower Charging Net is aimed above all at small and medium-sized businesses and the only necessary requirement is to have a publicly accessible space where the charging hub can be installed, which can be modulated according to your needs also in anticipation of future expansion.
What matters is the change of perspective underlying the project, take advantage of it to fill up on energy while you are busy doing other things and making use of your space even when the business is closed. Making an important contribution towards a 360° energy transition and helping people to change their habits represents the future and a new challenge for Repower.

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