Renewables, record wind production in Italy on November 25th

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On November 25th, at 12pm, the new wind production record in Italy was set: it reached a value of 8.8 GWh with a total installed capacity of 12.3 GW. This record was maintained for the entire time slot from 11am to 3pm. The previous peak of wind production, equal to 8.3 GWh, was achieved on 10 March 2023 at 5pm, despite a lower installed capacity of 11.9 GW. Terna took it over.

Record in Sicily

In addition to the national record, other regional records were also recorded: in Sicily the previous record of 1.63 GWh of 20 January 2023 was surpassed, with energy produced from wind sources of 1.71 GWh and an installed capacity of 2. 3 GW. The South surpassed the previous record in 2022 with energy produced from wind sources of 4.09 GWh and a capacity of 5 GW.

Even in the face of record wind levels, all the producible wind energy was dispatched to the national transmission network, explained the company that manages our electricity grid.

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