Post flood, less uncertainty More regional funds for businesses

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Tuscany is preparing for a year of great uncertainty on the markets, starting from the (driving) fashion industry, which has already been slowing down since last spring-summer. According to Svimez data, GDP will be +0.8% in 2023 and +0.6% in 2024. «Fortunately we have the cornerstones of pharmaceuticals, paper, goldsmithing, nautical and the railway district, which is technically at the forefront and handles orders», explains the president of Confindustria Toscana, Maurizio Bigazzi. On tourism, however, not everything glitters: “We must work on quality tourism capable of enhancing the entire region, not just concentrated on Florence.” To complicate matters, there is the flood that hit the heart of the industrial area between Florence and Prato «and which therefore increases the uncertainties – explains Bigazzi -. Some companies invaded by water and mud still don’t know when they will restart, and in the meantime the Government has only postponed the tax and contribution deadlines by a few days.”

Maurizio Bigazzi. President of Confindustria Toscana

Also worrying the president of the industrialists is the slowdown in credit to businesses, linked to the high cost of money, and the inflation which is eroding business margins and the purchasing power of families. What to do in this situation? «We ask the Region to use the European structural funds as a bazooka for businesses, which need them: out of over 1 billion allocated to the European Regional Development Fund, the money allocated to businesses is currently 550 million but we hope that it will increase , in this situation it would be important.” Then, according to Bigazzi, the structural problems must be resolved: «First of all, reorganize the territory damaged by floods, landslides and storm surges: we hope that the remodulation of the Pnrr will serve as a buffer to stem the fall of the economy».

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