«Poema 2» is underway: the network of 14 companies expands its factory and supply chain

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The signing of the development contract with the PoEma Business Network is recent. This is an agreement that provides for investments of 60 million by companies to be made between Campania and Puglia.

The project proposal approved by Invitalia consists of a production investment project of approximately 40 million, in which 11 partners of the Network participate (of the current 14), and of an R&D project of approximately 18 million, in which 9 companies of the eleven participate. adherents. The benefits provided in the form of a non-repayable contribution will be approximately 24 million including 954 thousand co-financing from the Campania Region and 152 thousand from the Puglia Region. The program provides for an increase in employment of over 270 working units of which 85 new employees, 187 units stabilized and recalled from ordinary layoffs.

PoEMA was already the protagonist of a previous Development Contract in 2016, «PoEMA 1»: the first case of a development contract with a group of companies. The initiative was aimed at creating a center of excellence in the field of lost wax investment casting technology and the development of innovative solutions for the entire supply chain. The total investment of approximately 30 million was completed in December 2018. It involved the construction of a warehouse to which Ema (Roll’s Royce) suppliers transferred production. Following the conclusion of the first Development Contract, the Altirpino hub presents a second Program. This is how «PoEMA 2» starts: a production investment and research and development project, the first formulation of which dates back to May 2019. But it is remodeled after Covid, to take into account an international market scenario that has changed due to the pandemic.

PoEma 2 will have a long gestation. Once the pandemic crisis has been overcome, the Program Agreement will be signed in September 2022 which, by decreeing the admissibility of the budgeted expenses, validates the implementation of the new initiative aimed at strengthening the role of excellence of the Irpinia hub in the production of turbine blades for aeronautical and industrial engines in superalloy. The new CDS “PoEMA 2” will be signed in October 2023. The Irpinia hub starts an expansion of production capacity within the factories of the Morra De Sanctis industrial site (Avellino), implementing the processes in continuity with the previous program and investing once again in a research and development process. The Network, on the occasion of this last opportunity, decides to make use of the experience of external entrepreneurial management, thus new work phases linked to the production of micro-castings are introduced within the supply chain which, previously, were carried out in production units located outside from Italian territory.

Today the hub includes 14 companies, of which 9 from Campania and 5 with offices located throughout the national territory, between Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Lazio and Puglia. “PoEMA 2” also intensifies the effective collaborations between the lead partner EMA SpA and the Network Partners. The PoEma Network was born in 2014 with the participation of 14 companies, associated according to the aggregation logic for sharing the industrial plan in order to respond to the needs of the leader Ema SpA of the Rolls-Royce Group.

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