Piedmont: 80 million tender to support the digitalisation and efficiency of businesses

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Eighty million euros to support digitalisation and production efficiency projects for companies: this is the expected financial endowment of a tender from the Piedmont region with resources from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2021-2027.
Two lines are planned: the first, worth 50 million euros, is intended to promote the digital transition of the business system, while the other 30 million are to support the competitiveness and sustainable transition of the production system.

Sustainability objective

The objective of the subsidy is to enable companies to «produce more sustainable products and make the process more efficient also from an environmental point of view» through interventions ranging from the use of water and raw materials to solutions that aim to improve the level of safety in the workplace above mandatory standards. Digital infrastructures and cybersecurity are also financed, as are expansion and growth programs also through the use of electronic commerce, e-business and online business processes. An increase in aid is foreseen for projects that involve investments aimed at environmental protection.

The subsidized loan can cover up to 100% of eligible costs and is made up of 70% of zero-interest ERDF funds and the remaining 30% of bank resources. Only for SMEs will the provision of a non-repayable grant be provided. Small and medium-sized enterprises, including micro enterprises, and mid-cap SMEs and mid-cap companies can participate in the call, which remains open until 31 July 2024.


For both lines of intervention, the minimum amount of the projects cannot be less than 50,000 euros for small businesses, 100,000 euros for medium-sized businesses, 250,000 euros for small mid-cap businesses and mid-cap businesses, and in any case not exceeding 3 million euros.

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