Philip Kotler: «Speed ​​and sustainability for business success»

«Never before have organizations needed enlightened entrepreneurs who identify new opportunities and create new solutions. On the other hand, the companies that achieve the best results in the long term incorporate a social purpose that is as important as the economic one.” This is stated by Philip Kotler, one of the most authoritative contemporary figures in the world on marketing. But this American thinker born in 1931 and professor at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois – listed as the management guru of all time by the Financial Times – from being a pioneer of social marketing is now a theorist of entrepreneurial marketing. «This approach is the necessary condition to achieve an interconnected, flexible and results-oriented organisation. Also because customers will increasingly reach companies and place orders with the help of networks, platforms and ecosystems. These access systems will force organizations to create hybrid working models. This is why over time most of the work will be carried out by interdisciplinary and multicultural teams”, specifies Kotler. Breaking down the silos of the past for an overall vision. It is a question of leadership, even a widespread one. Because we need to start from the vision (and action) of those who lead the company. «Professional marketing focuses on procedures and a step-by-step approach. Entrepreneurial marketing involves identifying gaps, making decisions, managing consequences, and collaborating across functions. That’s why it’s so relevant. On the other hand, without entrepreneurs a company dies”, says Kotler.

What historical phase are we experiencing?

We have entered a completely new era which presents a market scenario characterized by discontinuities in the evolutionary trajectory of many sectors. This affects the way the business operates. Post-operational excellence is made necessary by a more advanced business ecosystem and must be implemented by managing three aspects: interdependence, compatibility and reactivity.

Are we faced with a new form of brand activism?

Activism suggests that a company shows its values ​​by supporting good causes. In entrepreneurial marketing, however, a company actively creates new products and services to meet changing customer needs.

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