Nuclear, impact in Italy of 45 billion and 500 thousand jobs by 2050

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The economic impact of nuclear power, including direct and indirect effects, in Italy would amount to approximately 45 billion euros; over half a million jobs would be created in Italy by 2050, generating 52 thousand jobs in the short term exclusively linked to the construction phase. This is what emerges from a new study published by EY: “Nuclear energy is on the verge of a renaissance”.

The role in the transition

«Nuclear energy – explains Ey – plays a decisive role in the path towards the transition from fossil fuels to energy sources capable of guaranteeing energy security and combating climate change. Nuclear energy, in fact, thanks to its immediate response capacity and significant growth potential, constitutes a key element for establishing low-emission electricity systems capable of dealing with the climate crisis.”

413 GW global capacity

«In the ambitious global goal of reaching net-zero by mid-century, nuclear energy, currently present in 32 countries with a total capacity of 413 GW, plays a significant role in avoiding 1.5 gigatonnes (Gt) of global emissions and reduce global gas demand by 180 billion cubic meters (bcm) annually – Ey reconstructs – This energy is among the energy resources that has the lowest level of CO2 emissions, therefore making it fundamental for achieving the SDGs objectives established in the Paris Agreement”.

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