Newcleo, agreement with Maire: nuclear power to produce hydrogen

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Newcleo has signed an agreement with NextChem and Tecnimont, subsidiaries of Maire, to use the latest generation reactors to decarbonise the chemical industry, including hydrogen production. The agreement – which is the basis of a new “e-Factory for carbon-neutral Chemistry” model launched by NextChem Tech – provides for the exclusive development of a conceptual study on the sustainable production of zero-emission hydrogen and chemicals, combining Newcleo’s nuclear technology and Maire’s chemical expertise.

This agreement will allow the production of electrolytic hydrogen and chemicals including zero-emission ammonia, methanol, e-fuels and derivatives, in line with the European Union’s decision to include innovative nuclear technologies, such as Newcleo, in the taxonomy EU of environmentally sustainable economic activities.

Consultancy for SMR control panel

Additionally, Tecnimont will provide consultancy services for the technology-based Newcleo power plant small modular lead-cooled fast reactor powered by MOX fuel (mixed oxide fuel produced from existing nuclear waste) applying Tecnimont’s modularization approach to optimize construction and planning methodology, reducing production and construction time and costs. This will give impetus to Newcleo’s vision of creating a fully modular, accessible and easy to install system.

Potential for industrial applications

Stefano Buono, president and CEO of Newcleo, commented: «Gli small or advanced modular reactors (SMRs/AMRs), have the potential not only to produce electricity, but also to have industrial applications. However, a key prerequisite for providing safe, carbon-free energy for industrial uses is the elimination of nuclear accidents. The Newcleo reactor is “safe by design”, thanks to the laws of physics, and this allows ours lead fast reactors (LFR) to remain in a safe state even in the unlikely event of a major accident or sabotage scenario. Thanks to the favorable physical properties of lead, this level of safety is achievable with a reduction in costs compared to Generation III SMRs, paving the way for a competitive “e-Factory for zero-carbon chemistry” as envisaged by Maire. We are excited to begin this collaboration with Maire and look forward to advancing our visions for sustainable, zero-emission hydrogen and chemical production.”

Alessandro Bernini, CEO of Maire, commented: «With this agreement, Maire confirms the
its commitment to promoting decarbonization and green chemistry through a wide range of technological solutions. By creating carbon-neutral chemistry models based on safe, reliable and competitive energy, we provide industrial solutions to accelerate the energy transition.”

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