New stadium, public debate closed, Roma accelerates on the final project

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Further step forward in the stadium project for Roma in Pietralata. The Council of Rome Capital has in fact approved the report on the outcomes of the public debate started last 25 July with the assignment of the task to Nomisma (which made use of the collaboration of FB & Associati and Res publica for the management of communication) . Around 700 citizens took part in the debate over 10 meetings organized over 2 months and ending on 30 October 2023. At this point Rome will have to present the definitive project and the economic feasibility plan.

The public debate

To give the greatest possible number of citizens the opportunity to express their opinion on the aspects of the project defined so far, the platform was created which recorded almost 11,000 visits, 239 subscribers and 5,700 downloads of documents and videos, while the participation on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) recorded a total of 2,590 interactions. All members then received a newsletter with the report of each meeting and had the opportunity to view the documents presented by the speakers and a summary of the main issues that emerged. The contributions received on the platform,, were almost 200 and they will all be examined by the decision-making Services Conference and will ultimately contribute to the evaluation of the definitive project: technical-administrative, procedural and management issues; environmental issues (visual impact, local microclimate, land consumption, natural habitat and ecosystem value, acoustic impacts, energy critical issues, light pollution, heat islands, fine dust and waste disposal); mobility and accessibility (with specific attention paid to cycle and pedestrian mobility, the connection with the neighboring neighbourhoods, with particular reference to via dei Monti Tiburtini) and all those characteristics of the project that will have a real impact on the lives of citizens. The final report drawn up by Nomisma is now available not only on the Roma Capitale portal but also on the public debate platform.

Final project and conference

At this point Rome must present the definitive project accompanied by a sworn economic-financial plan which must be approved by the Capitoline Assembly. In the same session, the Mayor’s representative will be indicated at the decision-making services conference which will be opened by the Lazio Region. «We are very satisfied with the results obtained and with having completed the program within the required timescales – underlined Marco Leone di Nomisma, Coordinator of the Public Debate -. In a short time we managed to involve citizens, committees and associations who were able to provide their point of view – positive or negative – on the project of the new Roma stadium and on the implications for their city. Our commitment was, as foreseen in the mandate, aimed exclusively at managing the process, without ever interfering in the observations presented by the various stakeholders. In this regard, it was essential to maintain balanced participation by guaranteeing equidistance and impartiality both in the interventions of the speakers and in the involvement of the participants, allowing those against to freely express their opinion and, at the same time, giving those in favor the opportunity to express their own opinions. instances”.

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