New spaces and a nursery for Assolombarda

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Combining work with the birth rate, opening new spaces to the city. These are the two objectives achieved by Assolombarda in choosing to reorganize part of the internal spaces of its Milanese headquarters in via Pantano.

Renovation inaugurated yesterday by President Alessandro Spada, together with the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, and the entrepreneurs of the Confindustria system.

The restyling of the historic building designed in the 1960s by Gio Ponti concerns, in particular, the creation of an “internal square” equipped with multifunctional spaces. A location that is a candidate to host events and cultural events and which will host a nursery from September.

«Opening our headquarters to the city – explains Spada – constitutes a choice promoted to confirm the willingness of entrepreneurs to take on that role of ‘guardians’ of the community invoked in recent months by the archbishop of Milan, Mario Delpini. The creation of a nursery, in particular, represents for us a strategic project to give life to a new welfare model capable of improving the conciliation between professional and work life, promoting a family-friendly society in a historical phase characterized by a worrying ‘demographic winter’ and a still unacceptable gender gap. Suffice it to say that, according to the World Economic Forum, Italy ranks 93rd out of 146 economies for participation of women in the labor market and Milan, which has a female participation rate of 68.9%, ranks below of the main international benchmarks, which even reach 78%, as in the case of Bavaria. In this sense, we thought we would give a signal for the city, so that it can become more usable and attractive; capable of helping young people and talents to enhance their potential, to the benefit of the entire productive fabric. Furthermore, the building becomes, even more, a place where companies, from the largest to the smallest, can meet to generate new businesses through continuous dialogue between entrepreneurs and discussions with start-ups. The initiative is part of the Association’s commitment to support the growth of a large metropolis like Milan. A city that deserves to confirm itself not only as an engine of the national economy but also as an interpreter of good practices capable of facing the social challenges of the entire country”.

«We face a difficult moment – explained the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala – but here in the area there are extraordinary qualities. We all need to strive to do something more. We cannot continue to leave industrial policy to entrepreneurs, trusting that they will then get busy, leaving them alone in this phase. I believe that politicians must, we must, continually ask to be part of a vision, of a social effort and at the same time show ourselves to be attentive and collaborative. Politics must try not to create obstacles but rather to pave the way. On the one hand, in Italy we need a “high” industrial policy, but we also need small-big examples like this.”

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