New businesses, +0.22% in the third quarter

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The entrepreneurial system of the southern regions (Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia) shows signs of dynamism in the third quarter of 2023, with a positive balance of births and deaths of businesses, a trend that has characterized almost all the provinces and sectors of the macro-division.

In the period July-September 2023, according to data from the Chambers of Commerce Business Registry, there were 16,693 new openings and 12,556 closures in the area, with a positive balance of 4,137 businesses, which corresponded to a growth rate of +0 .22%, an increase compared to the value recorded in the corresponding quarter of 2022 (+0.20%), but still lower than the growth rate of Italy as a whole (+0.26%). All Italian regions have contributed positively to the expansion of the country’s productive fabric, among which Campania stands out, both in terms of increase in absolute terms (+1,836 companies) – the third largest after Lombardy (+3,334) and Lazio (+2,673) -, both in relative terms (+0.30%) – the most significant quarter -. The other southern regions, however, show a lower growth rate than the national average (from +0.22% in Calabria to +0.15% in Sicily). Moreover, three Campania provinces are placed in the top 20 of the ranking in terms of balance between registrations and terminations. These are Naples (+1,194; third place), Salerno (+277; ninth place) and Caserta (+275; tenth), accompanied by two other southern provinces, Bari (+248; 12th) and Palermo (+ 226; 13th). Looking at growth rates, the province of Naples continues to stand out in the national panorama, occupying seventh position in the relative ranking (+0.38%), but Crotone (+0.39%) and Ragusa (+0.39%) are also among the top twenty ( +0.33%). Only six Italian provinces recorded a decline, including two southern ones: Campobasso (-0.01%) and Enna (-0.13%). In line with the national trend, joint-stock companies confirm themselves as the most dynamic segment of the entrepreneurial fabric (+3,717; +0.69%); individual businesses also experienced a slight increase (+766; +0.07%) and other forms (+71; +0.08%), unlike partnerships which experienced a decline (-417; -0. 21%). From this point of view, the lower weight that joint-stock companies have in the entrepreneurial structure of the mountain municipalities of the macro-division (21.9% compared to 28.4% of the total area) helps to explain the less favorable performances that in general they distinguish these territories (as identified by Istat on the basis of the altimetric threshold values). In fact, in the mountain municipalities, the growth rate for the third quarter of 2023 drops to 0.11%. As for the sectors, it is in particular the accommodation and catering activities (+1,328) and construction (+1,213) that provide the most significant contribution to the positive balance of the quarter, although all sectors – with the exception of agriculture (-320 ) – mark positive balances.

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