More digital and materialize the projects linked to the Pnrr

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Concrete the projects linked to the Pnrr, «so as to finally aim at an evolved territory which aims with great vitality to once again elevate itself to a leading socio-economic model for the entire South». The request comes from Silvano Pagliuca, president of Confindustria Abruzzo, concerned about the structural weakness of the region: according to Svimez data, GDP in 2023 will be +0.7% and in 2024 at +0.9%. But there was a deceleration in the second half of 2023, with the last quarter now suffering the effects of the pandemic and the delicate international situation.

Silvano Pagliuca. President of Confindustria Abruzzo

We need “a real network of infrastructures suitable for the international vocations of companies”, but industrialists are also asking for “concrete actions to facilitate the liquidity of SMEs, support for businesses and work, to make the financial resources that can be spent on the system efficient productive, such as those intended for the circular economy, tourism, innovation and digital transformation”. Precisely on digital transformation there is greater awareness among entrepreneurs in the region and Confindustria Abruzzo is carrying out, in synergy with the research system, «an incessant support action, with the aim of further encouraging the propensity of companies towards essential innovation of the organizational model”.

Pagliuca is positive about 2024: «Both the adaptation of the infrastructural network, both material and immaterial, and the training system will play a decisive role. We have great development potential and we will continue to work to identify, share and support the initiatives necessary to face the challenges imposed by increasingly variable global scenarios.”

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