Mont Blanc Tunnel closed at night from April to June

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The key points

  • Work in the Mont Blanc tunnel
  • The other critical issues

Continuous emergency ai Alpine passes. The latest news concerns the tunnel of Mont BlancThat it will be closed at night from April to June. At the moment there are four critical points in Alpine crossings: two in the North-East and two in the North-West. In the North-East the difficulties are concentrated at the passes of Brenner it’s at Tarvisio, on the border with Austria. In the North-West the problems concern the railway tunnel Frejus (closed and never reopened after the maxi-landslide of 27 August 2023 in Haute-Savoie, in French territory) and the tunnel Mont Blanc: two critical infrastructures for connections between Italy and France.

Work in the Mont Blanc tunnel

The Mont Blanc tunnel in Valle d’Aosta will carry out the final rehabilitation phase in the spring of the road deck in the central section of the tunnel, over a length of 240 meters. This was communicated by the Geie, an Italian-French infrastructure management group, underlining that «with this intervention the road deck will be completely renovated in the central section over a total length of approximately 1,700 metres».

The work will take place with midweek night closures (from 7pm at 7.30am of the following morning), between April and June. This phase of the project represents an investment of six million euros, 50% financed by each of the two concessionaire companies, Sitmb and its French counterpart Atmb.

“This period – we read in a note – was chosen precisely so as not to create inconvenience during the last part of the winter tourist season or at the beginning of the summer holidays”. The removal and replacement of the slab on which the road surface rests is planned. The activities will begin Monday 8 April and they will end Tuesday 18 June, including an exceptionally longer closure of 30 hours on Thursday 20 June. Furthermore, the tunnel will close again in autumn to complete maintenance work on the vault which will require a stop to traffic. at least three months.

The other critical issues

For what concern Frejus railway tunnel, in Piedmont, there is still no certain date on the reopening. At the moment, French technicians are working to make the mountain safe. The risk is that the Frejus railway tunnel will remain closed for the whole of 2024.

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