Moby strengthens routes to Sardinia: new ship in service in 2024

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The blue whale company Moby strengthens its fleet operating in the Mediterranean and launches routes with the Moby Legacy from January. The new ship, sister ship of the Moby Fantasy (which joined the fleet last June), left the Chinese shipyard of Guangzhou Shipyard for Livorno with its crew led by Commander Massimo Pinsolo.

Traveling across three oceans

After a journey across three oceans and rounding the Cape of Good Hope, it will arrive in the Mediterranean where it will enter service on the Livorno-Olbia route alongside Moby Fantasy in the first months of 2024. «The two ships – the blue whale group says – will guarantee thus allowing the Moby Group to significantly increase capacity towards Sardinia which is one of the most requested destinations”.

A floating town

In terms of its numbers, according to company representatives, the Moby Legacy is the second largest passenger ferry in the world after the Moby Fantasy. As much as a floating town of three thousand inhabitants. It is a colossus measuring 237 meters long by 33 meters wide and with a gross tonnage of 69,500 tons, the Moby Legacy. As for capacity, we are talking about 3,000 passengers, 441 cabins, 400 seats and 3,800 linear meters of rolling load equal to 1300 cars or 300 trucks.

The Moby Legacy can travel at a cruising speed of 23.5 knots with peaks of 25 knots and an engine power of 10.8 megawatts.

A cut in emissions

Then there is another aspect that characterizes the Moby Legacy and follows the path traced by the Moby Fantasy: that of reducing emissions. «The Moby Legacy will be equipped with the most cutting-edge environmental technologies, capable of ensuring a 50% reduction in Co2 emissions compared to ferries currently used on similar lines – the group further clarifies -. The ship is also already set up to be powered by LNG (liquefied natural gas) and is equipped with the possibility of receiving power from shore, ensuring zero emissions in port when the facilities on the quay are available. Like its twin, it has obtained EEDI Phase 3 certification.”

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