Mobility begins for 200 workers from the Fiorucci salami factory in Pomezia

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The mobility procedure for 216 workers from the Fiorucci salami factories officially started on November 27th: 200 redundancies concern the Roman plant in Pomezia, 16 that of Parma. Last August the company changed ownership from the Mexican multinational Sigma Alimentos to two funds, the German Navigator Group and the Irish White Park Capital.

The company’s management had announced the restructuring to the unions only four days earlier. «The plan – we read in a company note – includes a series of actions aimed at the growth of Fiorucci both on the Italian and international markets, with a particular focus on key countries such as Germany, Austria, France and the UK. The objective is to achieve a 20% increase in turnover and above all a return to the average profitability of the sector”.

The unions, however, are not on board, they speak of “social butchery” and have gone on a war footing. Assemblies and pickets were held on Monday 27 November at the Pomezia plant. «The company – we read in a joint note from Flai-Cgil, Fai-Cisl and Uila-Uil – has incompletely represented the actions it intends to implement to relaunch production and increase Fiorucci’s market shares in Italy and abroad, with the aim of reversing a negative trend that has continued for over a decade.” The unions have asked for an urgent meeting, by December 1st. They are concerned, in particular, about the use of outsourcing, and contest the figures of the recovery plan, which the company has set at 30 million in 6 years, compared to 9 million per year in savings obtained with the dismissal of employees alone. workers.

«The initiatives we are taking today – declared Claudio Rustioni, CEO of Fiorucci Spa – have the aim of ensuring that the history of the group continues, that the factories remain in Italy and continue to generate well-being in their reference territory. The actions we have planned are essential and can no longer be postponed if we want to safeguard the future of the company. Thanks to the new financing, the company currently has no debt positions and has sufficient liquidity to guarantee operational continuity and payments. We will focus on the automation and modernization of the plants, on the acquisition of distributors and retail chains in Northern Italy and abroad and on workplace safety and hygiene to protect both our employees and end customers.”

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