Menarini introduces productivity welfare for its 3,100 employees

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The pharmaceutical company Menarini strengthens the welfare of its 3,100 workers and increases the performance bonus.

This is what is established in the new supplement that was signed with Filctem, Femca and Uiltec for the three-year period 2024-2026. For the economic part and the performance bonus, the system was confirmed which is based on the macro-objectives of profitability (49%) and productivity (51%) with a gross figure revalued of 40 euros for each year of contractual validity: in in particular the prize will reach 1,360 euros for 2024, 1,400 for 2025 and 1,440 for 2026: in total it is approximately 4,200 euros in three years.

The treatments relating to the bonus and company welfare will also be provided to temporary staff.

Productivity welfare

Welfare is also linked to the premium, which becomes productivity welfare. Menarini and the unions have in fact agreed on the possibility of converting, upon request of the worker, portions of the bonus into welfare, in fixed measures of 500 euros, 900 euros or the entire bonus, allocating it to services such as education, assistance for the elderly or non-self-sufficient, recreational, shopping and fuel vouchers, public transport season tickets, Fonchim (the category’s supplementary social security fund). To the amounts the company will respectively add a share of 7% if 500 euros are converted, 10% if 900 are converted and 12% if the entire premium is converted.

Supplementary healthcare and social security

For those who want to pay the premium in full to the Fonchim fund, the supplementary percentage that the company puts in rises to 16%.

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