Medical devices to be renewed in the South

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The medical devices present in southern Italy are the oldest in the country and in the same regions the cost of buying new ones is the lowest in Italy.

This is the picture described by the study carried out by the Installed Park Observatory (Opi) of Confindustria medical devices in collaboration with Sirm (the Italian Society of Medical and Interventional Radiology) and Aiic (the Italian Association of Clinical Engineers) on the state of antiquity of the devices doctors present in public and private facilities in the south. «In Italy, public spending per capita on medical devices is 123 euros, compared to a European average of 284 euros – stated Fernanda Gellona, ​​general director of Confindustria medical devices –. This data is already indicative. But what divides Italy is the difference between regions. Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Sicily are in fact at the bottom of the ranking with an average per capita expenditure on medical devices ranging from 114 euros to a minimum of 95.9 reached in Calabria. If you consider that in the autonomous province of Bolzano over 200 euros per capita are spent, you understand the extent of the problem.”

For the director it is not just a question of money to spend “but how it is invested”. «The procurement system based on budgets and not on technology – she underlines again – pushes the less virtuous regions to equip themselves with non-cutting-edge tools, impoverishing the offer». Reading the data of the study, it emerges that of the 279 still conventional mammograms present in hospitals in the South and Islands (i.e. 36% of those in the macro-area), 90% are in fact more than ten years old, like 95.8% of the CT scans which are still with less than 16 layers and like 30.7% of closed MRI scans remain to have a field of up to 1.5 T (which is the system for measuring the capacity of the CT scan). In the South and Islands the average age of conventional mammographers is 16.7 years compared to an average in northern hospitals of 17.6 years. Pets have an average age of 7.4 years compared to the Italian average of 8.2 years. Over 16.4 years on average even for CT (computed tomography) scans with less than 16 slices.

Then there is the issue of Payback (the instrument which provides for the restitution of an excess quota by companies in the case of the supply of medical instruments) which, as the director of the business association points out, has a major impact on start-ups and on SMEs operating in the healthcare world. «A recent survey of ours has highlighted how the uncertainty generated by the payback has blocked hiring for 61% of companies, caused layoffs in 31% of cases, reduced investments in research and development for 38% of companies and created a risk of insolvency. Impacts on SMEs, seriously endangering the very life of the company.”

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