Maticmind on the hunt for young talents renews the agreement with Federico II

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Companies hunting for young talent: they study approach and training systems useful for attracting generation “Z”. Among these companies, also Maticmind, an ICT company, which this year renews the agreement with the Federico II University of Naples and participates in the Cisco Academy – DTLab Networking Bootcamp project. The objective of the year is to be able to train and hire around 45 young cybersecurity experts in the Academies to be placed in the 11 Italian offices. More generally, Maticmind added 200 new resources in 2023, thus bringing its workforce to around 1,400.

A positive experience

The Neapolitan initiative started in 2018, conceived by Cisco (a multinational specialized in networking), Consorzio Clara (Cisco Academy Support Center for the Campania region and an established company that provides ICT training courses) and by the Federico II university itself; in which Meditech (Mediterranean Competence Center that promotes the diffusion of technological innovation tools) also participates since 2021. The 2024 edition of the DTLab will focus on the innovative technological frontiers relating to the world of networking and cybersecurity, crucial topics for companies and institutions. Encouraged, therefore, by the results achieved in previous editions, Maticmind starts again: Cisco has published the call, it will be possible to submit applications by January 26th for graduates even without specific skills in STEM subjects, after which the selections will begin: a written test and an oral one, the course in February. Then the hiring.

Working with Generation Z

But how can we attract young people who apparently are “bombarded with job offers”? «It is undoubtedly very difficult to find staff to hire – explains Sara Podeschi, HR business partner of Maticmind – we are looking in the southern regions precisely because they are territories less frequented by large multinationals . We have also replaced one-to-one interviews with group meetings in which to propose role-playing games and team experiences. Finally, we believe in the effectiveness of meetings with brand ambassadors, that is, young people who have had positive experiences and bear witness to them.”

Cybersecurity at the center

Maticmind professionals (who have been part of the project since last year) will participate in the lessons coordinated and delivered by experts from the University and the Clara Consortium, to make their skills available to the young participants. They will address issues related to cybersecurity, planning targeted workshops that allow students to test first-hand the strategies and methodologies for defending organizations from hacker attacks. The selected students will be able to participate in the course for free (starting in February), at the end of which will be able to achieve Cisco CCNA certifications (the training will take place by integrating in-person and online activities).

The Cisco Academy of San Giovanni a Teduccio

The Cisco Academy – DTLab Networking Bootcamp is recognized as a success story and has so far trained more than 110 young girls and boys, of whom over 80% have found employment after attending the courses, and 20 project works have been started with Campania and national companies.

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