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The imbalance between supply and demand in the labor market does not only concern professional areas but has also reached managers and is growing year after year. The difficulty in finding managerial figures in Italy, according to the calculations of the 4.Manager Observatory on Anpal data, affected almost seven out of ten companies in 2023. It is also to put a stop to this phenomenon that “For-Manager” was born, the active policies project promoted by Gruppo 24 ORE and 4.Manager, the association set up by Confindustria and Federmanager. The debut is scheduled for February and will take place with 100 unemployed managers who, through in-person and online courses, will be able to acquire the new skills required by companies in constantly changing economic and geopolitical scenarios.

Cuzzilla (4.Manager): Two thirds of companies cannot find managers, training essential

Continuous learning

«The 24 ORE Group feels a strong responsibility, by virtue of its history and its know-how, to be a point of reference for Italian managers in all phases of their professional life», explained Mirja Cartia d’Asero, CEO of the 24 ORE Group, yesterday at the presentation of the project at the group’s headquarters in Milan, during an event entitled “The managers of the future. New knowledge for new skills”, which was attended, among others, by Stefano Cuzzilla, President 4.Manager and Federmanager, Lorenzo Galanti, General Director of ICE, Eraldo Minella, General Director of Professional Services and Training of the 24 ORE Group, Fulvio Peppucci, Director General Sole 24 ORE Training, Fulvio D’Alvia, General Director 4.Manager, and Giuseppe Torre, Scientific Manager Observatory 4.Manager. «Convinced of the importance of ‘continuous learning’, we returned to the education sector last year with the mission of making our contribution to the growth of the country system – added Cartia d’Asero -. This is why we are proud of the collaboration with 4.Manager in giving life to a unique project in Italy, centered on themes of great impact on the life of companies. Thanks to the high added value training and information content of the 24 ORE Group and our networking network, “For-Manager” will help the managers involved to acquire new skills, increasingly requested by the labor market today, in terms of sustainability, digital innovation and internationalisation”.

Cartia d’Asero (Gruppo24Ore): Training managers on sustainability, digital and internationalisation

The risk of skills obsolescence

In his reading of the phenomenon of supply-demand misalignment in the managerial labor market, Cuzzilla sees a close connection «to the transformation processes that are affecting companies. Businesses are experiencing the obsolescence of traditional skills, due to accelerated innovation, increasingly dynamic and interconnected economic models and new worker expectations, particularly regarding sustainability and work-life balance. Hence the urgency to invest in new training paradigms and the birth of the “For-Manager” project, created with an authoritative partner like Il Sole 24 Ore». An initiative which, Cuzzilla anticipates, «represents only the beginning of a more ambitious plan for 2024. In the coming months we plan to launch further training projects for unemployed managers. In parallel, 4.Manager is expanding a system of policies that will see us as protagonists in outplacement and territorial initiatives in collaboration with Confindustria’s Digital Innovation Hub system”.

The three fronts of training

Technological and digital innovation, climate change, the energy crisis, first the pandemic and then conflicts, and people’s demand for flexibility have triggered a profound transformation of organizational models. And therefore the skills required of managers and leadership models. With the For-Manager project, participants will work on skills and knowledge on the one hand and on networking on the other, and will focus on 3 fronts: sustainability, internationalization and digital innovation. On the skills front, an advanced training course will be dedicated to each theme, completed by a transversal course on soft skills. Each of the courses will be managed by management training experts, selection consultants and university professors. To complete each course there will be two in-person sessions on soft skills which will be managed by Sole 24 ORE Formazione, the Management and Entrepreneurial Training School resulting from the joint venture between the 24 ORE Group and Multiversity. Training yes, but also relationships. On the networking front with companies, at the end of the three training courses a meeting is planned in which there will be a discussion between the 100 managers and a selection of partner companies from the 24 ORE Group network, to facilitate their relocation which is the objective of the joint working group made up of 4.Manager, Gruppo 24 ORE, Confindustria and Federmanager.



The increase in the number of managers

They are increasing in number, but the right skills are increasingly difficult to find. In the trends of the labor market of managers in our country, according to data from the 4.Manager Observatory on Anpal data, between 2019 and 2022, there was a double-digit increase (+11%) in their total number . A trend that also concerns women, whose share has gone from 18 to 22%. Looking at just the last year, executive growth was 3.1%. In absolute numbers this means that in 2019 there were 122,881 managers, with a female presence of 18%. In 2022 they became 136,038 with a female presence of 22%. Growing but not enough, also given the ongoing need for generational change.

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