Lollobrigida: «EU agricultural policy needs to be changed, more time for green transition»

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«Vlet’s go an agriculture less subordinated to the environment, or rather, to environmentalist ideology. Because where there is agricultural activity, even industrial agricultural activity, there is a profound respect for the environment and protection of the territory.” The Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Francesco Lollobrigida, is convinced of this, illustrating the strategies to respond to the demand for change coming from the tractor demonstrations of recent days. «We must make it clear to Brussels – he adds – that agriculture is not an enemy of the environment but is its main ally. And during the last EU legislature this was not the case. Proof of this is the CAP reform which, with the same budget compared to the past, has introduced environmental constraints that are unattainable or unmanageable on a bureaucratic level”. With the effect of causing an average cut in aid to farmers of 40%. A cut which is at the basis, much more than the lack of Irpef exemption, of the protests that have taken place in recent weeks.

Attention to the environment was the cornerstone of the expiring Commission.

We are confident in the next elections. If a centre-right coalition emerges, as I hope, we will profoundly change this structure.

Will you put the ecological transition in the attic?

Environmental protection issues are not up for discussion. But times will be. And above all, the concept of environmental sustainability completely disconnected from economic sustainability will be. We cannot sacrifice entire production sectors to the green transition.

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