Lithuania’s SoliTek will produce solar panels in the Zes area of ​​Benevento

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Green light for a new investment in the Zes area. The commissioner of the Zes Campania, Giuseppe Romano, has issued a single authorization (number 75 of 2023) to the Lithuanian SoliTek Industry for the assembly activity of photovoltaic panels and storage batteries, which will be located in the industrial area of ​​Benevento, in the area Valentino Bridge. The project involves the functional adaptation and expansion of the industrial complex, with an investment of approximately 50,000,000. 327 new employees will be hired.

Attracted foreign investments

The single authorizations issued by the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Campania SEZ Government to date are 84. And in recent months, in anticipation of a reorganization of the eight special economic zones of the South into a single SEZ, numerous requests for authorizations for investments have been presented. Mostly these are Italian companies. With SoliTek Industry we also join a foreign company that has long launched internationalization programs.

European manufacturer of sustainable panels

In fact, SoliTek defines itself as a “European manufacturer of sustainable solar panels” made of glass and glass foil. It produces in its factory in Vilnius, Lithuania, and exports more than 80% of its production to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. It has a research and development department, working on solar research with partners around the world on projects such as “Possibility of innovative green energy generation and storage solutions for electronic transportation.

To date, 84 industrial investments have been unlocked

«We are continuing to write a splendid page of de-bureaucratisation – declares the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Zes Campania government Giosy Romano – The commitment we continue to make is fully repaid by the effects we generate for the community. With this further single authorization we suddenly unlock another 350 new hires for a further investment of 50 million and we also demonstrate with facts to foreign entrepreneurs like Solitek that this territory is capable of giving immediate and concrete answers as never before”.

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