KidneySolutions kidney disease and dialysis center

KidneySolutions kidney disease and dialysis center

KidneySolutions was established by a group of US trained nephrologists, pharamacists and business professionals and is the partner of choice in the provision of high quality chronic kidney disease, dialysis and transplant care services in the Lagos area.

Why Kidney Solutions?
We are the best choice for innovative kidney care directed and provided by American trained professionals and kidney specialists. We focus primarily on the patient to provide the best patient experience and clinical outcome.

Our Mission:
To provide the highest quality service by transforming the promise of science, technology and medicine into service that transforms, prolongs and saves the lives of patients with all stages of kidney disease.

Our Values:
Service Excellence
Operational Efficiency
Evidence Based Medicine

Our Services
Out-patient Hemodialysis
Chronic kidney disease prevention and management clinics
Kidney stone disease management
Hypertension management
Kidney transplantation pre-operative and post-operative care
Peritoneal dialysis (coming soon)
Based on our networks and expertise, we are able to arrange for kidney transplantation in the US, UK or India

We are also very focused on empowering patients, their families and friends with information to make them successful in preventing or managing kidney disease and its treatments in order to have the most productive lives using the following tools-

1) A dedicated YouTube channel containing educational videos on different aspects of kidney disease and its treatment which we provide free of charge to patients. It is easily accessible online at

2) A portion of our website dedicated to answering frequently asked questions (FAQ) which can be accessed at

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