Letter from the consortia to the government: Italian pears are at risk of extinction

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Italian pears risk extinction. For this reason, the producers wrote an open letter to the government, addressing it in particular to the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, and to the Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida. It was sent by the Consortium for the protection of the Emilia-Romagna pear, the UnaPera Consortium and the interprofessional pear organisation.

In the last five years, they write in the letter, due to climatic adversities at least a third of the area cultivated with pears has been lost, falling from 18,500 to 12,000 hectares in Emilia-Romagna alone, while consumption has halved and this year, in in particular, production has been reduced to a third compared to that of 2022, already below average. A collapse of 75%. To date, Italy has been Europe’s leading producer of pears, with around a quarter of the entire continent’s crop. Today, however, this excellence of Made in Italy risks disappearing, and with it a sector which, between employees and related industries, employs over 50 thousand people.

The government has recently allocated 10 million euros in compensation for the sector. But the consortia estimate the damages suffered by the producers at over 300 million: therefore the compensation, they say, is not enough. “We ask the government – we read in the letter – to make a further effort to give the right and indispensable support to our sector, also to avoid further abandonments of the sector and guarantee the survival of an entire supply chain”. In particular, they say, «to be even more effective, the contribution should be limited to the most affected areas and granted only to those who do not abandon production, given that they will have to shoulder at least 20,000 euros in costs per hectare to produce already in the upcoming campaign».

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