Kentucky fried chicken ready to hire 600 workers

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The development plan for Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) continues in Italy. There are 28 KFC restaurants that will be inaugurated during the year with the hiring of over 600 employees. Thus the network of venues developed by Corrado Cagnola, the CEO, will reach one hundred venues in the coming months while 2023 closed with a turnover growing by 25% compared to that of 2022, exceeding 140 million, supported both from a growth in sales at constant scope. In the first days of 2024 there will be inaugurations in Asti in the Borgo Nuovo shopping center and in Rome Fiumicino in The Wow Side shopping center. For development in the area, the franchising model is followed which today is based on the synergy between 16 franchisees, entrepreneurs who have – in some cases for 10 years – a key role in growing the brand, and the Corporate Franchisee who coordinates the development plans development and from 2023 opens and directly manages part of the restaurants. In 2023, 90% of the new openings were created by franchisees and 4 of them even doubled the number of restaurants managed. In 2024 the franchising system will be strengthened with the entry of 8 new entrepreneurs, who at the end of the year there will therefore be 24 in total.

At the end of the year, the Italian branch of KFC will have over 100 restaurants where more than 2,400 collaborators will work with mainly permanent contracts, both part time and full time. Kfc, a company of the Yum! group Brands Inc, listed on the NYSE and boasts a history full of success and innovation. It all started over 75 years ago thanks to Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of the brand. It was he who invented the Original Recipe, the recipe that contains an inimitable secret mix of herbs and spices, still prepared today and typical of the brand.

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