Ivr, quality and punctuality make the turnover soar Exports to 90 countries

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TO given the stability of the valve and tap sector in 2023, there are also cases of growing companies. One of these is that of Ivr of Boca (Novara), the Piero Giacomini Group company which celebrated its fiftieth anniversary this year.

Founded in 1973 by Crevola and Negri, in 2001 it was purchased by the Giacomini Group led by Flavio and Graziano Giacomini: «The Group has two important complementary poles: in San Maurizio d’Opaglio there is Effecto Group, which operates in robotics advanced, and in Boca we have Ivr, which operates in the plumbing and heating market with product lines for heating, water, gas, industry and motorized servo controls and valves”, explains Graziano Giacomini, who, in addition to his brother Flavio, he is also supported by his father Piero, who at 87 years old is still present in the company.

«In 2022, our Group had a turnover of 70 million euros, while Ivr closed with a turnover of more than 30 million euros: for ours, which is a medium-sized company, it was an excellent year – Giacomini continues – . In 2023, in which the taps and valves sector has suffered from the growing instability on a geopolitical level and has been affected by the stop to construction bonuses, we will nevertheless close with a higher turnover than last year. And the forecasts for 2024 see us as optimistic: there is an undeniable crisis but we are reacting well.”

In recent years, Ivr’s product range has been expanded by 400%, to respond to the new needs of the industry, but also to an increasingly tailor-made service. And exports have had a great boost, which today account for 80% of turnover in ninety countries around the world.

«Our widespread presence on the world market allows us to compensate well for drops in demand at a national level and this is the result of the medium-term commercial strategy that we have developed over the years. There are two of our strong points: punctual deliveries, having almost everything always available in stock, and our high quality standards, attested by thirty international certifications, which allow us to be considered among the leading companies in the global sector. Being operational in ninety countries, the turnover is very fragmented and this allows us to avoid major shocks. Furthermore, for a year we have had a branch in the United States, with a distribution warehouse and a commercial network, which is starting to bear the first fruits.”

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