Italian ports in decline. Goods drop in 14 out of 16 authorities

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Minus sign for the large port authorities

Observing the performance of the crucial Italian ports from the point of view of goods and containers, we note how Genoa and Savona Vado (united in the ADSP of the western Ligurian Sea) totaled 48.07 million tonnes handled between January and September last year , equal to -4.7%; as regards containers, the overall drop is 2.1%, with 2.07 million teu, but it must be underlined that, while Genoa marks -6.4% (to 1.8 million teu), Vado, with the its container platform, which is increasingly fully operational, totals +42.5% (264,626 TEUs).

La Spezia and Marina di Carrara show a -7.2% in tonnes of goods (13.12 million) and a -13.3% of containers (to 912,657 TEUs). While the Livorno ADSP records -3.4% of goods (29.09 million tons) and -10.4 of containers (to 510,321 teu). The ADSP of Naples and Salerno totals -3% of goods (to 23.58 million tons) and -11.7% of containers (to 704,117 TEUs).

Moving on to the Adriatic, Venice recorded -4.2% of goods (to 18.4 million tons) and -10.4% of containers (371,969 teu). The ADSP of the eastern Adriatic Sea, which groups together Trieste and Monfalcone, records a small -0.2% of goods (to 44.92 million) with -1.2% for the Julian capital and +14.8% for Monfalcone; while for containers the drop is higher, equal to -4.9% (with a movement of 635,267 teu).

Cruise passengers are growing by more than 55%.

Turning attention to passengers, cruises show high growth rates. Civitavecchia, the port of Rome and first in Italy in terms of the movement of cruise passengers, the latter grew by 55.4% (to 2.57 million). Genoa and Savona total +78.7% (to 1.81 million cruise passengers) and the other port to total a number exceeding one million is Naples (with Salerno) which scores +49.5% (to 1.37 million cruise passengers)

It is interesting to observe that in Venice, now that the cruise ships disembark their passengers in Porto Marghera (or in the harbour), the number of cruise passengers has increased by 105.9% (to 479,307, but still far from the numbers when the ships passed through the port basin). Saint Mark). Significant growth also for Palermo at +68.7% (with 676,411 cruise passengers), La Spezia at +38% (with 580,170), Livorno, at +45.2% (with 537,834) and Messina at 45.8% (with 402,010 ); finally Ravenna scores +81.8% (but with only 273,537 cruise passengers).

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