Istat, inflation accelerates in January: +0.3% month, +0.8% year. Five-a-side football and padel enter the basket

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Inflation rises again in January. According to preliminary estimates from Istat, the national consumer price index for the entire community (NIC), including tobacco, increased in January by 0.3% on a monthly basis and by 0.8% on an annual basis (from +0.6% in the previous month). While “underlying inflation”, net of energy and fresh food, decelerates from +3.1% to +2.8% and that net of energy goods only from +3.4% to +3.1 %. The acquired inflation for 2024 is equal to +0.3% for the general index and +0.9% for the underlying component.

Prices: in January the “shopping cart” accelerates to +5.4%

According to preliminary estimates from Istat, in January the prices of food, household and personal care goods increased slightly on a trend basis from +5.3% to +5.4%, while those of high-frequency products d purchases slow down (from +4.4% in December to +3.6%). «A contribution to the rise in inflation is also due to the persistence of tensions on the prices of unprocessed food goods, the effects of which are also manifested in the acceleration of the so-called “shopping cart” (+5.4%».

Basket 2024, smart light bulbs and water aerobics enter, e-readers and beard trimmers exit

As every year, Istat has revised the list of products that make up the reference basket for the measurement of consumer prices, simultaneously updating the survey techniques and weights with which the different products contribute to the measurement of inflation . The products – according to an Istat note – which will enter, among others, in 2024 to represent changes in spending habits are: appliance for dehumidification and air purification; smart light bulbmeal ‘all you can eat‘, a service that has become widely used in the Restaurant segment. And Kanzi apples also enter the basket and enrich the apple product aggregate; The Water aerobics course which is added to the other products of the swimming pool aggregate; Football or five-a-side football course And Tennis or padel course which expand the product range of the sports facilities and practice aggregate. Instead, the following are left from the basket: E-book reader, Device for tracking vital functions, Electric hair clipper, Electric beard trimmer. For these – it is explained – the exit from the basket was determined by criteria connected either to the decline in expenses incurred by families or to the reduced representativeness, compared to other products

Eurostat, inflation drops to 2.8% in the eurozone in January

It should be noted that according to Eurostat’s flash estimate, inflation in the euro area should stand at 2.8% in January, down compared to 2.9% in December. The main components remain food, alcohol and tobacco (with a rate falling to 5.7% from 6.1% in December), followed by services (stable at 4%), non-energy industrial goods (down from 2.5 to 2%) and energy (-6.3%, compared to -6.7% in December).

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