Ironic and irreverent, Mdm enters companies and talks about gender equality

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Their experience was born “at the school desks” of their children, in class chats, among the heartfelt appeals of parents for homework and fundraising. Sarah Malnerich and Francesca Fiore start with an irreverent and ironic blog, to break down stereotypes about perfect motherhood, which they title “Mammadimerda”. Precisely. Today I am an innovative start-up with a social vocation, full of projects.

«The mission of our company is to try to change the culture that hovers around motherhood in this country and accelerate a path to achieve equality between men and women» says Francesca who lists the various businesses launched by the company, from pro bono cultural work to dissemination on the internet, to arrive at BtoB activities «which we are implementing now – he adds – with formats that we propose to companies to create a culture of inclusion and equal opportunities». The idea is to activate an acceleration path to dump projects and initiatives on the ground.

The MDM team is made up of four people, all women, just as the suppliers are women. «Any gesture or choice of ours – say Sarah and Francesca – has a political and economic relevance». As far as male collaborators are concerned, Sarah adds ironically, “then the requirements are different: good looks, they must not want children, a mild and non-willed character, we find out about their marital status”. The common thread is always the desire to overturn stereotypes. Another channel is partnerships with other companies that deal with the same issues on other levels.

«Don’t do it in style» and «Angele del focolare» are the two books written for Feltrinelli. 2023 was the year of the writing and staging of two theater shows, all centered on the condition of women, with 30 dates throughout Italy. In the “company perimeter” there is the whole part of the authorial work, of writing the texts. Furthermore, in the MDM business, the role of Sarah and Francesca’s work with companies is central, organizing company formats to raise awareness of issues related to equal opportunities and to overcome a maternity model that is unbalanced towards women for care and home care work. and family. In times of gender certification, a path towards which many companies are already embarking, the professional environment has a great weight in the work of Sarah and Francesca, so much so that their second show staged a board meeting in which the shareholders ask themselves which Production bonuses intend to recognize themselves with five different ideas. From the remote control for mental relief to Eau Determination. Equality, sharing of family burdens, economic and wage disparity are the issues at the center of MDM’s activities. «The theme is very current» confirms Sarah». The tool for communicating always remains that of irony and irreverent language, which arises from a concrete commitment, of a cultural and “movementist” nature, in support of the principle that the lack of weight of women in the world of work represents economic damage for the internal country.

The priority in this phase is to select an accelerator that can enhance MDM Srl’s ability to create social impact and the challenge is to develop a scalable business that «can bring the issue of gender equality and equal opportunities out of the bubble» he says Francesca, overcome the BtoB phase and develop a scalable cultural and social product. «The real challenge – say Sarah and Francesca – is to truly make a difference, our motto “change one thing” necessarily involves the corporate dimension in order to truly impact society»

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