Innovaway, from the difficult neighborhood to a customer network in 200 countries

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The 4 friends challenge has been passed. And the company, born in the “difficult” neighborhood of Rione Traiano in Soccavo, has reached an international dimension and is now aiming for the goal of 100 million in turnover. This is the horizon that Innovaway, founded 25 years ago and led by co-founder Antonio Giacomini, looks to. A growing company, as underlined by the CEO, which in the two-year period 2022-2023 saw the addition of around 220 professionals under 30 to the workforce in the Naples and Benevento offices, of which around 40% were women, «further strengthening the existing structures in Southern Italy, where more than half of the entire Group population is concentrated.” Over a thousand employees and 10 offices, 7 of which are distributed in Italy and 3 abroad, the company founded in Naples where it maintains its headquarters, operates in the healthcare, retail, energy and financial services sectors and boasts a consolidated presence with over 300 international customers and partners with coverage in 200 countries. The employees “constitute the fundamental core” and have a young profile, with an average age of 38, and a high level of skills. 35% of the staff are graduates, 50% are women.

«The Innovaway Group is demonstrating that the key to the relaunch of Southern Italy could lie precisely in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – explains Giacomini -. By responding to market needs, Innovaway is helping to build a future in which the South is transformed into a technological hub.” The Benevento hub, which is in addition to the Naples headquarters, was crucial. Thanks also to the «ability to attract and develop local talent, focusing above all on recent graduates in Economics, management engineers and IT experts». With this in mind, around 60 young people were selected and hired after a period of training and internships. Then there is another piece, and it is ITS Campania, a high-level training institution in the STEM field through which Innovaway offers what has been defined as the entry route into the job market for young people from Campania. «We are working to create a sustainable ecosystem in the South – argues Giacomini -, where ICT is an engine of economic and employment growth». In the near future the three-year plan aims to achieve a double-figure turnover. «The company aims to exceed 100 million in turnover in three years – adds Giacomini – by operating on a global scale, in particular in the United States».

The company strategy is based on three pillars: «Customer orientation, innovation, operational excellence». Three directives considered essential for the growth of the company which has seen a real leap in the last ten years. «Through the guidance of digital transformation and artificial intelligence – he argues -, Innovaway aims to expand the offer and anticipate the challenges of the market through constant research and development». And to achieve these goals, the company plans to invest in growth areas focusing on Data Analytics & AI, Digital Experience (Software), and Cloud, Infrastructure & Security, including Global Service Desk activities. Because we were born in a neighborhood known too often for news stories. And here we have decided to carry out interventions that can make a contribution to growth and development.”

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