Inelectric converts the old 500 to electric

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A Fiat 500 from the 1960s is the working prototype and can demonstrate that a vintage car can have a new life with electric power and also circulate in restricted traffic zones. But not only. The mechatronics engineer, Francesco Iantorno, 49 years old, from Potenza, founder of the innovative start up Inelectric, has demonstrated that all combustion engine vehicles can be reconverted thanks to the electrical requalification kit he designed.

Thanks to this project, Inelectric is among the first companies in Italy to obtain accreditation from the Ministry of Transport for the construction of systems for the electrical requalification of vehicles. «Accreditation – said Iantorno – was a priority. Being in compliance with the regulations validates the technical result. We started from the 500 because it is an icon, but we aim at the electrical redevelopment of various vehicles, in particular small and medium-sized commercial ones, creating a production site based on a real circular economy located, for example, in the Melfi area, involving companies and resources from the automotive industry, currently in crisis. It is necessary that the project is supported by trade associations, territories and companies that could enter the world of electricity.”

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