Industry revenues halted in 2023

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Eventually, the balance returns to zero. With the arrival of the September data, which sees a reduction of 2.6% on an annual basis in terms of industrial revenues, for national manufacturing at this point the growth in revenues for the nine months is nil.

In economic terms, compared to August, there is actually a reversal of direction, with a growth of 1.2% determined by capital goods and above all energy, while elsewhere there are only negative signs.

The balance sheet on an annual basis tells something more about the state of health of the various sectors, which on average have declining revenues, partly due to the waning effect on the price lists of the surcharges applied last year for energy; partly due to an actual decline in volumes. In general, in fact, compared to the previous year, both collections (-2.6%) and quantities are decreasing on average: -2.7% in September, -2.4% in the balance sheet for the first nine months of the ‘year.

Averages that would be even slimmer if it weren’t for the means of transport, which for months now thanks to the recovery of cars have been supporting revenues: the sector is growing by almost 20 points in the month, 23% since January.

The plus signs are actually limited, involving food, machinery and pharmaceuticals. Widespread declines were instead recorded elsewhere, with negative peaks for chemicals and wood-paper, down in both cases by double digits both in the month and since January. Metallurgy is also bad, but the reduced cost of raw materials and energy is also having an impact compared to last year.

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