In Tuscany, a 51 million tender for the energy efficiency of public buildings

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The Tuscany region finances interventions with European resources to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings of local authorities, healthcare companies and public RSAs.

The deadline for submitting applications under the call opens on March 1st, which has a financial allocation of 51 million euros, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Of this amount, 27.2 million are intended for projects that municipalities, provinces, metropolitan cities and unions of municipalities will present. 21.3 million will instead be allocated to initiatives proposed by local health authorities and hospitals, while 2.9 million euros will finance projects presented by public RSAs authorized, accredited and financed by the publicly managed regional health service.

Interventions allowed

Thermal insulation work on walls, floors and roofs that are not in contact with heated rooms may be financed. The program also provides funding for the replacement of windows and air conditioning systems with others powered by high-efficiency heat pumps. This area also includes the so-called passive air conditioning systems which involve the installation of devices for shading and filtering the sun’s rays. The replacement of “electric boilers” and those powered by other fuels with heat pump or solar collector water heaters for the production of domestic hot water may also be financed.

Interventions for remote control, management, monitoring and optimization of energy consumption and polluting emissions were also financed.

The delivery

Each local authority may submit multiple applications but the contribution granted cannot exceed one and a half million euros. Healthcare companies and hospital companies may be granted, even in the case of multiple projects, a contribution that does not exceed 3 million euros and in a non-repayable manner for a maximum of eighty percent of the investment costs. The figure drops to 400 thousand euros for RSAs which are granted a non-repayable grant up to 50% of the investment costs actually spent. The tender expires on 28 June 2024.

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