In Lavarone the cooperative with attention to social issues

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Cer projects are multiplying in Trentino too. The new “Green Land” renewable energy community was established last April; a new entity that takes on the legal form of a community cooperative and will operate in the Alpe Cimbra area in Trentino by networking economic, social and cultural operators to promote not only energy sustainability, but also the economic and social sustainability of the entire local district . «For us it is a return to the first cooperatives born at the end of the 19th century – explained the mayor of Lavarone Isacco Corradi – to provide answers to the primary needs of the population. This new cooperative wants to rediscover those values ​​to inject new energy into the territory. The Municipality of Lavarone has promoted this initiative by also connecting it to energy communities to rebuild the social fabric.”

The presentation of the renewable energy communities of Lower Valsugana and Valle dei Laghi is in June. The founding members are private citizens and companies belonging to their respective territories. On the one hand we find, among the main partners, cooperatives such as Famiglia Cooperativa Bassa Valsugana, Cassa Rurale Valsugana e Tesino and Cooperativa Lagorai while, on the other, most of the members of the Valle dei Laghi Biodistrict are present. A starting point for two new cooperatives that aim to broaden their social base, involving citizens, businesses and local administrations as much as possible. These two new territorial initiatives are added to the first two launched in Val di Fiemme and in the Lavarone Plateau, on the path of an important project supported by the Trentino Cooperation, “Energia InCoassociazione”, created in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Bim Consortia of the area to encourage a widespread presence of cooperative energy communities in Trentino. «The Federation has been committed to energy sustainability for a long time – declared the president Roberto Simoni – through projects that start from the birth of the electricity consortia up to today. The objective is the energy self-sufficiency of the territories.”

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