In 10 years it lost 13 thousand companies but the trend is reversing

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Over the last 10 years (2013-2022) the companies registered in the Register of Artisan Companies in Veneto have gone from 135,838 to 122,387, with a reduction of 13,451 activities equal to – 9.9%.

The numbers are provided by the Confartigianato Study Center which highlights how this more or less constant trend of reduction has obviously accentuated in the year of the pandemic. The balance at the end of the year, however, is not the right number to represent the great dynamism that underlies the world of craftsmanship. Every year many positions are “born” and “closed”, in the order of almost 10% of the total. And there can be more than one reason. Several companies leave the Register because they have grown too much and no longer meet the company size requirements (therefore they are active but no longer artisan). Others close when the owner’s working age limits are reached. Still others, and they are the majority, are born and close within the same year or so.

For example, in the first six months of 2023, over five thousand (5,125) artisan businesses opened in the Veneto Region and in the same period of time four thousand eight hundred and eighty nine businesses “left” the Register.

A tumultuous dynamic that is influenced both by the evolution of the economic system and by the current situation. For example, in just 6 months, in 2023, over 2 thousand construction companies were established, a phenomenon linked to the important incentives that are in place in our country for the restructuring and efficiency of real estate assets. While the good dynamics of openings in well-being (403), Communication and ICT (2770) and artistic (108) are easily attributable to the phenomena of digitalisation on the one hand and the relaunch of personal care which for some years has also involved men and the most young.

From a survey we carried out a few years ago, based on the year in which companies were registered in the Register, we were able to see that over 70% had been active for over seven years. The birth-mortality rate, although high, concerns a fairly small fraction. Demonstrating the fact that opening a craft business is very often the starting point of an entrepreneurial experience that does not always end well.

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