Idrogeo, the map of landslides in Italy in real time

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Is called Hydrogeo and it is the multimedia platform created by Ispra which describes, in real time and with videos, photos and other documents, landslides and risky or dangerous situations present in Italy. The project, created with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Pon Governance 2014-2020, describes the entire national scenario and can be consulted both from a fixed location and from a smartphone.

A new information network

With the 2014-2020 Partnership Agreement relating to environmental policy activities, which introduce numerous new indicators regarding the risk of landslides and floods, quality of water bodies, air quality, protection of biodiversity. Ispra’s task is to guarantee its updating and systematic availability at regional level. «Having detailed statistical information – we read in the presentation document – represents an indispensable requirement for improving the effectiveness and quality of public action, monitoring its evolution over time and evaluating its effects».

Easy consultation

It is precisely in this context that the initiative was born “which aims to improve knowledge of events that can have an effect on the daily lives of citizens” such as purchasing a house, land or monitoring certain situations. One of the characteristics and peculiarities of the programme, as underlined by Alessandro Trigila, head of the “Development and coordination of the Inventory of Landslide Phenomena in Italy and in situ monitoring of Ispra” section, is that of «being easily consultable».

With Idrogeo the map of landslides in real time

The landslides recorded are 622,011, 1,224 landslides monitored and then 1,440 events, 42 reports, 43,847 photos and 149 videos. The interactive map allows, with a simple click, to know the details of each landslide, including the reference authority responsible for monitoring. A similar discussion concerns the danger due to landslides or floods. In the on the map there is an indication of the danger which can range from low to very highwhether for floods or landslides.

A study of great detail

«To date we have recorded a high number of landslides, almost 622 thousand, which are over 2/3 of all European landslides; the main reason is that Italy has a territory that is 3/4 mountainous and hilly and with widespread outcrops of land with poor geomechanical characteristics – adds Trigila -. The Inventory of Landslide Phenomena, edited by ISPRA and the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, is a study of great detail.” The site offers the possibility to navigate between the various sections and download the chosen scenario in real time.

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