Holidays, Unipol: extra bonus to those who dispose of them and complete the mandatory training

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Taking holidays serves “to recover one’s psychophysical energies”. This is not said by a mental coach but by an insurance company, the Unipol group, which on the one hand is concerned with the well-being of workers, who in general are increasingly attentive to the time factor, and on the other also tries to represent “a corporate organizational necessity” . Thus, in the union agreement on the supplementary company bridging contract, valid for the current year, to encourage its 8,500 workers the group has decided to give an extra amount of 350 euros to be added to the variable company bonus upon achieving 2 objectives: the the first is the use of holidays, the second is the completion of all mandatory training courses by law. On this last topic, the agreement explains «the importance of training as a fundamental tool for the professional and personal growth of the group’s workers, as well as a significant requirement to contribute to the correct performance of work performance. Furthermore, compulsory training must be carried out, as a rule, during normal working hours and in compliance with the timing established by each course”.

The one-off bonus of one thousand euros

In the agreement shared with First, Uilca, Fisac, Fna and Snfia, the insurance company has defined a series of economic improvements for workers for the current year, waiting for the new industrial plan for the period 2025 to be defined -2027, to which the new company supplementary contract will be linked. Taking a fourth salary level as a reference, the parties have in fact agreed that for 2022 and 2023 permanent employees will be paid a one-off bonus of one thousand euros to be adjusted. The amount will arrive as early as April in a single payment, via credit on the payslip or as an extraordinary contribution intended for supplementary pensions, implemented through the relevant Pension Fund for Employees of the Unipol Group Companies. In this second case there will be an increase of 15%, according to a note from the unions.

Welfare credit

For 2024, an amount of 200 euros will also arrive as a welfare credit which can be used from 1 April 2024 until 30 November 2024 via the WelBee platform. Any remaining unused amount will automatically be allocated to the relevant Employees’ Pension Fund of the Unipol Group companies.

The meal voucher

The meal voucher will only be electronic and will be increased by 50 cents reaching the figure of 9 euros.

Subsidized loans for the first home

From April 2024, workers will be able to request a personal loan for the “purchase of their first home” for a maximum amount of 40 thousand euros with a duration of no more than 72 months, increased to 108 months for those who work in the Contact Center and for those who have a part-time contract. The forecast cannot be cumulated with that due for the purchase of a “garage/property”.

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