Guala Closures, farewell to the founder Piergiacomo

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Piergiacomo Guala, engineer and founder of Guala Closures, a multinational world leader in guarantee and safety closures for bottles, a unique specialization, has left us at the age of 94. At just 24 years old, in 1954, together with his father Angelo and brother Roberto he founded a company for the molding of plastic materials. After a few years, the intuition that changed the course of the business: the design and creation of the first models of guarantee closures for alcohol.

This was the request, or rather the necessity, of the producers of alcohol and spirits who had to combat the phenomenon of filling. In the sixties, here are the first solutions that increase Guala’s turnover with supplies to Scotland in the whiskey and spirits distillers market. It is the 80s and the Alexandrian company becomes a world leader in product industrialization and process automation with factories in Spain, Brazil, Colombia, the United States and India.

The request arrives to make the cap an element of aesthetic recognition of the product, a marketing tool as well as a protection one. Innovation runs with the growth of the company which in the 90s inaugurates a factory in Termoli while in 1998, the Guala family leaves the company and the Guala Closures Group is officially born.

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The new millennium brings new product lines and success on all markets. In 2005 the company was listed on the stock exchange while the following year saw the construction of new factories in New Zealand and Australia together with the opening of commercial branches in North America and France. It is 2007 and a new production site and company headquarters are inaugurated in Spinetta Marengo, also in the province of Alessandria.

Today Guala Closures is a sole shareholder joint-stock company owned by Special Packaging Solutions Investments S.à rl (independently managed investment subsidiary of Investindustrial VII LP) which currently has more than 210 intellectual properties and global leadership, with a presence in over one hundred countries capable of satisfying the local production needs of customers. Piergiacomo Guala was named Cavaliere del Lavoro in 1997 and awarded an honorary degree in mechanical engineering by the Polytechnic of Turin in 2002.

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