GNV Career Day: 130 young people examined, 70 will be hired

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«The search for personnel has become more difficult after Covid: young people have thought they can work closer to home, and, in the meantime, our company has increased the number of ships, going from 16 in 2019 to 25 today, with other four under construction.” Ilaria Olivieri speaks, coordinator of the crew office, hotel section, of GNV, the MSC group company, one of the main companies in the cabotage and passenger transport sector.

Career Day to hire a total of 500 people

The shipping company’s recruiting team (which has planned a total of 500 non-seasonal hires by June) has launched a Career Day in some cities in Southern Italy, starting from Torre del Greco, in the province of Naples, a city with an ancient maritime tradition . To then repeat in Potenza, Bari, Catanzaro and Palermo and then close in Sorrento. Approximately 130 candidates responded to the first appeal, the Vesuvian one, and took the interview and will already be able to receive news of the outcome in two or three days.

«The turnout – adds Olivieri – is what we had expected. Young people of different ages and with different qualifications showed up.” Out of 130 people interviewed, 110 are men, women still avoid boarding. For the team of evaluators, around 70 will be hired. Gaetano Patriciello, one of the young candidates, 34 years old and with a diploma as an electrotechnical expert: «I worked at a multinational – he says – but I resigned due to a difficult working environment. I am looking for other opportunities and I am available to travel.” Then he confesses: «My dream, however, was to be a footballer».

Required profiles: from the worker to the commander’s assistant

The company carries out a broad-spectrum search in three sectors: the one defined as “machine” where workers, non-commissioned officers and officers can work. For the “hotel” sector, what is instead “wanted” are hotel managers, cabin and restaurant managers, reception managers, commissary officers who usually deal with managing reception and disembarkation, profiles mostly suitable for graduates. Finally, in the “navigation” department, the highest technical profiles are needed, as navigation and ship safety assistants.

Young people interested in knowing the conditions and pay

In many cases, the young people who attended the interviews did not offer themselves for one job or another, leaving the choice to whoever sat on the other side of the desk, but were above all curious to know the tasks required and the remuneration. «We are talking – says one of the selectors – of around 2,200 euros net for a graduate on his first job».

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