Gnv and Grimaldi are hiring staff

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Both GNV (Gandi Navi Veloce) and the Grimaldi group are looking for on-board staff to hire for the ships in their fleets. The two ferry companies are looking for employees not only for functions related to navigation but also for the hotel sector.

Gnv is looking for 350 people

On Monday 4 December and Tuesday 5, GNV opens its recruiting campaign with a series of open days to present job opportunities on board the ships, in view of the hiring of 350 new people for the summer season.

The first appointment is two days in Naples, in the GNV office at the Maritime Stations, which will be followed, during 2024, by other stops in Palermo, Pizzo Calabro, Molfetta, Bari, Genoa, Civitavecchia and Pozzallo.

Gnv is looking for professionals with different degrees of experience; among these, engine and deck staff, officers, brass workers, workers and refrigeration workers but also those responsible for managing the hotel area, such as hotel managers, cooks, boys and room boys. Attention is also paid to “candidates who know languages, in particular Arabic, French and Spanish, for jobs at information offices”.

Grimaldi on the hunt for new qualifications

The Grimaldi group is also holding recruiting days looking for on-board staff for all sections: hotel, car, and deck, to be included in the crews. The calendar of recruitment days is being updated: after the autumn appointments in Lazio, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia, Veneto and Tuscany, the group is looking for new candidates for a range of positions which also include some new qualifications: cleaning for the hotel and kitchen sections, young electricians, brass workers (on-board plumbers), carpenters (repairing wooden, iron and furnishing structures).

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